Today was brisk and windy with grey skies; I’ve been waaaaaaiting on this. It’s the best time to listen to music. Here’s a playlist of MP3s, mostly newer stuff and easy vibes, that complement only the flyest cold-weather gear. Also good sex music. Slow to fast to back to slow. x


G.O.O.D. Music - Clique (Groundislava remix)

Jeremih - Fuck U All The Time Ft. Natasha Mosely

Jai Paul - Jasmine

Cooly G - Good Times

HIAWATHA - Dogs of War

Actress - IWAAD

Gingy & Bordello - Iron and Water (Kevin McPhee remix)

Throwing Snow - Perca

LV - Animal Prints Ft. Okmalumkoolkat

Mala - The Tunnel

Daphni - Light

Storm Queen - Let’s Make Mistakes

Avicii - Levels (LOL Boys edit)

Danny Brown - Don’t Give A (Ryan Hemsworth Dankey Kang Bootleg)

Miguel - Sure Thing (Grahmzilla remix)

Gang Colours - Fill Me In

Jessie Ware - Sweet Talk

Frank Ocean - Crack Rock

Fiona Apple - Anything We Want

MellowHype - La Bonita

G.O.O.D. Music - Higher

Ab-Soul - Nibiru

Rochelle Jordan - Somebody

Zodiac - Come Ft. Jesse Boykins III

Jojo - Demonstrate

Thinking first

Still thinking about how the other night, drunk on gin and nerves, I prefaced some asinine bullshit jealousy-critique of a person I truly respect with “I like her but” and how I am who I fucking hate. 

For the amount of time I spend locked away inside my head, I’m idiotic when it comes to not thinking before I speak. It’s as much a function/tic of my long-held social awkwardness as it is just not plain thinking, and it should change because that the space is there doesn’t really matter. What does is how I fill it.


J: i hate interviewing authors
the only question in my head really is "HOW DID YOU DO IT"
did i tell you about the worst/best author interview i did?
it was one of my first interviews ever
and it was this black sci-fi author dude
and it went well enough
me: haha yes
i remember
but tell me anyway
the "moral" of the story..
J: well just at the end
he turned the tables on me and was like "so who are you, tell me about yourself"
and then he was like "So. When are you going to write *your* book and what will be about?"
and it was one of the biggest lightbulb moments in my life
because it was like...this guy knows i'm dodging
he sees right through me
he knows i'm a coward
he knows i'm dancing around this writing thing
me: AHHH
J: by interviewing authors
J: and not trying to BE an author myself

June/July 2012: Features, discs + shows. NOW Magazine

June 14: 2:54, self-titled. British sister girls make moody sex rock.

June 14: NXNE cancels rap showcase. First honest-to-god news story I’ve written since j-school. Called up popo and everything. 

June 28: El-P, Cancer For Cure. Good comeback record. Same angry El-P, more precise aim. Saw him with Killer Mike a few weeks after.

June 28: 88 Days of Fortune feature. Some good people throwing inclusive, performance-oriented parties and providing a safe space.

July 5: Big K.R.I.T., Live From The Underground. A generous, humble statement record.

July 5: Fiona Apple @ Sound Academy. I was going through some shit this night; turns out Fiona Apple will lose her sense of decorum so you don’t have to.

July 12: Joey Bada$$, 1999. Pop rap might be in fashion, but it’s good to see some new kids pop up who can seriously spit.

July 17: Spoek Mathambo @ Drake Underground. Way more of a laptop nerd show than I expected from this guy.

July 18: Q+A Jonwayne. For the nerds. “Visually, I feel like all my music incorporates some shade of purple.”

July 19: Emeli Sande feature. Interviewed this chick back in April, when she came to town to do a media preview/showcase. They’re pushing her hard but she has a beautiful voice and is kind of a thick chick, so you know I’m about it.

July 19: Zaki Ibrahim, Every Opposite. Without a doubt this is going to be one of my favourite records of the year.

July 19: Nas, Life Is Good. Nasir is in very good form. No I.D. + Salaam Remi know how to bring him to life.

July 22: Best Coast @ the Phoenix. Literally went to hear her do one song. Show was alright, but it made me sad how whatever the new stuff is considering how much I loved Crazy For You.

July 26: Angel Haze, Reservation EP. Finally. I’d listened to Haze but nothing ever stuck, until this. “New York” is a beast.