Action Bronson: New York City's newest rap god

Published in the Nov. 3-10 issue of NOW Magazine

Action Bronson could be Ghostface Killah’s voice double, a comparison the Queens, NY-based rapper is tired of hearing.

“I’m not interested in being a gimmick,” says Bronson, who’s actually collaborated with Ghost, over the phone from L.A. “I don’t want to make a million and then disappear, so I’ve got to be myself.”

Resemblances litter rap lore (take Shyne, whose Biggie likeness dogs his legacy), but Bronson’s blessed with more than just a tense, nasal, vaguely familiar flow. He has the charisma to back it up.

On his recent debut, Dr. Lecter (Fine Fabric Delegates), Bronson’s fluid, no-bullshit delivery has wooed those drawn to the grit of 90s New York rap. That’s what he came up on, he says, citing Mobb Deep and Cam’ron as some of his favourites.

His eccentric sense of humour shines through when paired with his other passion: food. Culinary-school-trained and with, he hints, a cooking series in the works, he doesn’t want to be called “the rapper who’s a chef.”

Bronson probably thinks that’d sound like a gimmick. Still, no one raps better about marshmallows and prosciutto.

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