Discs and shows, NOW Magazine: March/April 12

April was strange. Ran away to Japan for a couple of weeks but I lost my iPod - lovingly pre-loaded - on the flight over so a lot of listening planned for idle moments didn’t happen. Actually, there weren’t many idle moments in general. Did see PicturePlane in Tokyo though and chatted with Trevor a bit before the show; funny, laidback dude and I’ve never danced so hard in such a long time.

March 28: Grimes @ the Horseshoe. No surprises, no encore.

April 5: A Tribe Called Red, S/T. Pow Wow Step progenitors.

April 5: Action Bronson, Blue Chips. Can’t get this Misha Vainberg/Bronsolini correlation out of my head. Think I will say more soon.

April 12: TheeSatisfaction, Awe Naturale. Like the more-polished link between TheeSat and the untapped potential of our girls, Bizzarh.

April 26: Santigold, Master of My Make-Believe. Grown woman tings.

April 27: Elaquent @ Wrongbar. Toronto’s up-and-coming beat scions.

Feature: Santigold

Feature: Kid Koala