Gratuitous ramblings: St. Vincent, The Weeknd, 2011

December was a fucked up month. Here are some quota-filling bits I wrote. Some good, some terrible, all here for you to judge.

- The night I saw St. Vincent was terrible. Also, she did “Cheerleader” like two songs in so after that I was pretty much done for the night.

- To me, the Weeknd’s Echoes of Silence played loud, heavy, like he was ready to finally reveal himself to the world. A couple of weeks later, a Facebook event went out to recruit new band members.

- Here’s some shit I did in 2011 that no one really cares about.

- Think I’m predisposed to liking The Internet’s Purple Naked Ladies because it’s Quadron and Neptunes-indebted.

- Patrick and I Facebook chatted about Drake v. Common and I filed this as a story. In the end, Canada Dry ginger ale wins.

- Blah,blah, Retromania.

Something, something Lana del Rey

Toronto in December