J: i hate interviewing authors
the only question in my head really is "HOW DID YOU DO IT"
did i tell you about the worst/best author interview i did?
it was one of my first interviews ever
and it was this black sci-fi author dude
and it went well enough
me: haha yes
i remember
but tell me anyway
the "moral" of the story..
J: well just at the end
he turned the tables on me and was like "so who are you, tell me about yourself"
and then he was like "So. When are you going to write *your* book and what will be about?"
and it was one of the biggest lightbulb moments in my life
because it was like...this guy knows i'm dodging
he sees right through me
he knows i'm a coward
he knows i'm dancing around this writing thing
me: AHHH
J: by interviewing authors
J: and not trying to BE an author myself