Review: G-Side - The One... Cohesive

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Rap’s embrace of the Internet is kind of like corner store dudes jacking their prices up a quarter. Overnight, out of necessity and somehow organically, it just kind of happened. And now you can’t fathom learning about a new album or video any place other than via a rapper’s Twitter page or blog. Aside from effectively usurping traditional media outlets, this move has allowed “indie” rappers to show their marketing savvy, and Huntsville, AL duo G-Side aren’t shy about their blog buzz. On latest release The One… Cohesive, the duo even have manager Codie G talking up their web takeover plan at the end of the clinking, rave-y “NatGeo.” Featuring staggering production from G-Side’s long-running production team (Block Beattaz), steady rising DJ Burn One and A-Team, among others, Cohesive is the actually good coming together of rap’s current obsession with Southern talent (Big K.R.I.T., Yelawolf) and experimental beats (the weirdest effort being Dipset’s confusingly fun Trance Party mixtape). Alright, so it’s more atmospheric than hardcore, but pairing surprisingly ambient production (“Y U Mad,” “Imagine” and indie rock guitars on “How Far”!) with funky, metered, gruff-voiced raps results in something innately mellow and introspective. (Slow Motion Soundz)

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