Review: Kon & Amir - Off Track Vol. III: Brooklyn

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Kon & Amir
Off Track Vol. III: Brooklyn
Released by BBE

DJ duo Kon & Amir hit their third NYC borough, bringing breaks and beats on their latest funk and dancefloor-filler compilation, Off Track Vol. III: Brooklyn. Previously traversingThe Bronx and Queens, this most recent two-disc installment continues in the same vein, melding Americanized African boogie with soul rarities.

With the exception of the most avid crate diggers, most of the stuff in this compilation will be new to your ears. Kon & Amir have a keen sense of exploring rarified vinyl, and putting it together in a way that works. From smooth selections by Nigeria’s Dizzy K. Falola, to funk harmonics from prison band Edge of Daybreak, the duo deliver a record that sounds good to the casual listener and piques the interest of the purist.

Amir goes for the obviously danceable, glossy and bright disco cuts by Tee Mac (”Living Everyday”) and Effi Duke (”The Time is Come”), while Kon heads for smoother, but equally throwback territory with Donny McCullough (”From The Heart”) and Gerard “PJ” Brown (”Sexy Lady”). Nostalgia and eclecticism reign supreme on Brooklyn, but it’s well-curated and memorable while managing to stay unpretentious and fun-filled.—Anupa Mistry

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