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Best Coast
Crazy For You
Released by Mexican Summer

At this point in talking about the blog world’s influence, buzz can be a bad thing. Too often, bands are promenaded across the web, heralded in a way that makes everyone a name-dropping music connossieur, only to fade too fast. This is sad because most of these one-shot bands, in a nod to the pseudo-democracy of the Internet, are pretty deserving of recognition. And hopefully the same won’t happen to the interwebs latest It Chick-led favourite, Best Coast.

If there’s one complaint about Crazy For You, the band’s studio debut, it’s that it’s too short. At just over half an hour, the sunny harmonies and stoner lamentations of lead singer Bethany Cosentino’s melodies run through 13 quick, sing-songy tracks. It’s an unabashed homage, updated Cosentino’s way–with slacker-esque lyrics about weed and cats sung un-self-consciously and infinitely less demurely than most recent girl group revivals. Contemporary guitar melodies open the reverbed record on “Boyfriend,” and morph into variations on retro riffs throughout the rest of the album; from Spector-ish pacing on “Crazy For You” to grinding and wailing on “Goodbye.” Closer “When I’m With You” is the record’s most clear-cut love song, an appropriate, revelatory, fuzzy-sounding end to LiveJournal-sourced themes and powerfully girlish rhythms.

It can seem a bit monotonous upon first listen, but the real-world lyrics (”When you leave me/You take away everything/You take all my money/You take all my weed” on sock hop heart-wrencher “Our Deal”) and universally-adolescent wistfulness that Cosentino brings to her vocals add charm to the intuitive-feeling instrumentation. When you hit that realization–that she’s speaking for a younger/lonelier/more expressive you–the riffy reverie breaks, and repeat listens and subway hums just sort of happen. That’s the kind of stuff that’s beyond buzz.

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