Reviews: Young Money - We Are Young Money

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Young Money
We Are Young Money

By virtue of over-the-top success, Lil Wayne has created comparable hype for his stable of fresh new talent, and imprint label, Young Money. We Are Young Money is an introductory group album and in sure-fire Cash Money tradition, it bangs hard. But upon closer inspection, with 13 artists (including Wayne) vying for shine on 15 tracks, We Are Young Money feels less like a studio album and more like a hodgepodge mixtape. The roster, which includes Wiz Khalifa look-alike Tyga, Harlem MC Jae Millz and buzz female artist Nicki Minaj, delivers effortless raps about the same staid concepts: money, swag and pussy. Even Drake, who appears on four tracks, including interminable single “Bedrock,” ends up blending in, adopting the crew’s drawling, Weezy-esque flows. The overdone production and effects don’t help the cause, but luckily, emerging NOLA beatsmith Chase N. Cashe tosses in a couple of minimalist bangers (“Pass the Dutch,” “Play In My Band”), giving the bevy of dramatic flows some room to breathe. (Universal)

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