Toronto in December

A few music-y things happened in December in the city that I wrote about:

- Henri, bka mymanhenri, launched a speaker series #SAYWRD with Samiyam. It’ll continue to feature the heavyweight creatives that Henri’s always championing.

- David Dacks, who recently stepped up as artistic director for the Music Gallery threw a holiday tribute party in homage to salsero Willie Colon. The project featured vocals from Lido Pimienta and commissioned reworks from Javier Estrada, among others.

- A couple days after landing on the year-end cover of SPIN, Fucked Up threw back-to-back benefit parties, featuring Sloan, Ohbijou, Bonjay, Rural Albert Advantage, PS I Love You, Quest For Fire and The Sadies. I went and saw Fucked Up, a band I never thought I’d see.