Interviewed Angel Haze last week...

"I think it can be as permanent as we, the women of hip-hop and rap now, make it."

A quote  about the post-2012 longevity of "women in rap" that didn't make my interview with Angel Haze last week. This new, hours-old dis track, directed toward Azealia Banks, seems counter-intuitive to the above logic though I've never been much about holding rappers (or any celeb, for that matter) up as peddlers of societal change. Haze is young, she's getting some shine, and she's feeling good - and she makes at least one unfuckwithable point (which is diminished by the literal shadeism she directs at Azealia): "PUT AN ALBUM OUT."

Part of me gets hype watching two young, emerging female artists go at it like the dudes, but Julianne gets it right (as usual): "When girls fight we distract ourselves from the real goal, which is CRUSHING THE BOYS." It's logic - an unlearning, really - that I try and incorporate into most of my interactions with women these days. For me, it's less about sisterhood - I'm not here to make friends - and more about just being a good human being.

That said, a dis track isn't going to dismantle either of their careers. I guess I'm just bummed cos I was hoping for a "Ladies Night" reprise.

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