For Store Brand White Boys Who Have Considered Denial When The Order Of Things Is Enuf

So belated, but I wrote this piece for VICE Canada, that I am simultaneously proud of and terrified by.

We’re past the easy part of multiculturalism – integration, assimilation, tolerance, eating roti. Now time for the hard part: practicing equality with consequence and straight up not being a dick.
We can’t dismiss multiculturalism when Islamophobia fuels pop culture. Or when our native population continues to be oppressed and ridiculed in plain sight. We can’t talk about securing a post-racial paradise divorced from the reality of the existing power structures and individuals that benefit from preserving the status quo.

That shit is hard to write, b. More difficult than managing the praise, because DON'T LOOK AT ME, is the fear of the unknown reactions. Obviously it's neither healthy nor productive to speculate, but the reality of writing something so honest and so personally political, is that it outs you in some way. And when you are working within a complex system, but railing against it in some way, that can have consequences.

The bright side is that it also has positive consequences, and allies have come forward and made themselves known. And who am I even trying to kid? That piece wasn't written for people who don't understand, because I'm not trying to change the minds of the unwilling. That piece was written for my friends, and for my peoples. It was an attempt at being a voice of reason - a minor reprieve from the 24-hour news cycle of crazy - that's positive despite it's cynicism, because it reflects our reality.

Oh right, so I am jobless right now....

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