June chunes

Album reviews over at The Grid  for the month of June:

The-Dream, IV Play : Like Kanye on Yeezus , Terius is in grown-ass, multi-album, DGAF territory on this album. Shout out to the dino FX on this ribald-ass tune featuring the doofus Big Sean.


 Quadron, Avalanche : Luv dis record, luv Coco, luhhhhhv Robin's grown and sexy production. Yo, when I really got into this record - I'm talking bodyrolling in public - was whilst sorting through frozen berries for les bluets  at No Frills. Keep wavering on my favourite song but actually nooooo, cos Kendrick makes a serious, swoony case for staying on "Better Off." Also: BASSOON!

 Austra, Olympia: Austra moves past super basic #presetwave synth pop to something more full-bodied. "We Become" is Paradise Garage sexy; a slow-rolling, strut paired with the wink of a heavily blue-shadowed eye. This is 12:37 AM in Toronto on heat-soaked late July night, with a touch of melancholy.

J. Cole, Born Sinner : One word: BOOOOORING. You know the Miguel song.