You Always Live Again

Y.A.L.A. is a little 'for funsies' radio show I host once a month on the Toronto Radio Project, which conveniently happens to be located in the basement of my building. So strange, right? Anyway, the line-up they have is pretty great and I wanted a way to engage with music that felt fun and different and stress-free, but still created opportunities for myself n my peoples to express ourselves.  Here's the archive of all the episodes so far (there's been three! last month KJ joined me!)

But last weekend I was joined by my pal Aneela, a.k.a. DJ Nino Brown (that's us in the pic above!), and we did a lil Trinidad Carnival reminiscing and aired out some great R&B/dancehall remixes. Check it out! (link)

2015 Favourites`

What We Talk About When We Talk About: CUT THAT CHEQUE